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#490 by Xtremist
Sun Aug 06, 2017 4:46 pm
Hello All,

Can we split the Quit Date into two, which will be "Tracking Start Date" and "Actual Quit Date"? In most cases these two will be same but there could be some cases where users decided to quit on a particular date but later they smoked and they have to change the quit date. When we change the quit date all the data will get reset and start from zero. But from the date the tracking started user might have saved considerable amount of money which will be a motivation to quit smoking. If we split the dates as suggested, use the "Tracking Start Date" to calculate money saved from the date user decided to quit and the money saved will not get reset even if we change the quit date.

Current Scenario:
Quit Date = 01-Aug-17
Savings upto 05-Aug-17 = $20
If we change Quit Date to 05-Aug-17 through Dairy Entry this savings of $20 will be lost and it will start over from $0.

Proposed Scenario:
Tracking Start Date = 01-Aug-17.
Quit Date = 01-Aug-17
Actual Quit Date = 05-Aug-17 (As the user smoked a cigarette on 05-Aug-17)
If the user changes the Quit date the money saved will not be lost ($20) if we use the "Track Starting Date" for calculating. Rather the amount spent to smoke will be deducted from $20 and it will continue showing the actual savings.
#494 by dave
Fri Aug 11, 2017 8:25 am
Really appreciate your thoughts on this. I get why a tracking start date could be useful, however I think it might confuse some people as to the difference between them Which either means we'll get more support requests, or we'll have more people just stop using the app. If you're anything like me patience is in short supply when giving up smoking.

One thing we do want to do is make it easier for people to see the benefits from their previous quit attempts: how long they made it, how much they saved, how their cravings changed over time. That might help.

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