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Daily missions • Quit coach chatbot  • 24/7 access to expert stop smoking advisors • Three different stop smoking programs • Help with cravings, getting through difficult situations, being around smokers and recovering from lapse • Up-to-the-second info on how long you’ve been smoke free, how much money you’ve saved and how your health is improving • Log cravings, understand what triggered them and record what helped • Lots of ways to boost your motivation • Lots of ways to feel rewarded • No other app offers this much support.

Two digital programs, one light touch, one in-depth, both proven to work. Or let our advisors guide you through a tried-and-tested plan. Advisors are available around the clock for advice and support and usually reply in under three minutes, so are there if you ever need talking off the ledge. More of a do-it-yourself person? No problem, with over 20 tools to choose from you’ll find something to help.

It feels so good to see your time smoke free we show it to the second. Watch the money you’ve saving go up and your cravings come down each day. Get an idea how your health is improving and how much life you’ve regained. Feel proud about the challenges you’re meeting and how much stronger you’re becoming. There’s so much to gain when you quit, focus on that and you’ll hardly miss smoking at all.

We know quitting isn’t easy and think you should feel great about all your victories along the way. So we created 92 different badges you can earn, free certificates you can download and a Wall of Fame you can add your name to. All this, and more, are designed to increase your self-confidence. Because not only will that help you stay smoke free, it will come in super helpful for the rest of your life too.

You’ll find help from other quitters 24/7 in our chat. Tell them how well you’re doing and they’ll cheer you along. Ask for advice or support and they’ll be there for you. Help from people who get what you’re going through hits the spot in a way nothing else can. Then, when you’re ready, share what you’ve learned, because helping others be successful makes all your hard work feel even more worthwhile.

Each month around eight thousand Smoke Free users tell us they’ve quit, that’s someone every five minutes, every hour, every day. And that’s just the people who take the time to answer our survey, most people don’t of course. The people we help are all of types, all ages and from all countries. If they can do it, you can too.

Proof Smoke Free works

Ninety-four percent of all our ratings have been four or five star. Of our six million users to date, less than 0.1% have rated the app one star. This high rating from people going through nicotine withdrawal says we’re doing something right.

Smoke Free is used by 250,000 people in 200 countries each month. Around 800 people are using the app right now. Chances are that no matter how young or old you are, no matter how hooked or not you’ve been, no matter where you’re from or what you like, someone just like you has already used Smoke Free to quit.

Two randomised trials have found Smoke Free effective. The first, with 28,112 participants found that people given the missions were almost twice as likely to successfully quit as people given the basic features of the app (OR: 1.90, 95% CI = 1.53-2.37, p < 0.001) [1]. The second, with 57,214 participants found that people given the chatbot were more than twice as likely to successfully quit as people who received the missions and the other features (OR = 2.38, 95% CI = 2.19-2.58, p < .001) [2].

Many brilliant people have found great ways to help people stop smoking. Our job is to bring you the best of their advice, add our experience of what works, build it all in tools you’ll love and improve everything continually.

The health app review site, Orcha, which is used widely in the UK’s NHS, rated Smoke Free 91% for adherence to best practice (the next nearest app scored 82%). A survey the same company conducted found that of all the healthcare apps in their directory, Smoke Free was the app most recommended by UK health and care professionals.

Most of us are ex-smokers and know how difficult quitting can be and all the challenges we face. We’re understanding, supportive and non-judgemental. Our job is to help you succeed with whatever tools are right for you. And we use all our experience and expertise to suggest what they might be.

Proof Smoke Free Works

Three Stop Smoking Programs

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Our advisors have been helping people quit for years, many have been doing it for decades. The tried-and-tested plan they deliver is the same one used successfully in face-to-face support throughout the UK, but it’s only in this app. Advisors will customise the plan to your preferences, so you get the help you need in the way you want. If you’re serious about quitting, this is the plan for you.

Each week one of our expert advisors will help you identify what’s working and fix what’s not. They’ll make sure you’ve got all you need to get through the week ahead and suggest other things that might help. They know the questions to ask and the answers to give. Just the thought of telling them you’ve made it another week smoke free can be enough on its own to keep you strong.

Chat to our advisors as often as you need, whenever you want, throughout the plan. Got through a particularly difficult craving? Tell them and they’ll celebrate with you. They’re there if you’re struggling, have a question or need advice. They’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and will respond in minutes. Never again do you have to go through any quitting problem alone.

Advisors drop-in to the chatrooms four times a day for expert-led discussions on key quitting challenges. Not that you need to get involved, just reading what others have written can be fascinating in itself.

Our chatbot provides anonymous support instantly. It can help you create plans for difficult situations, provide customised tips for cravings and withdrawal, reinforce the golden rule and recover from a lapse. It is knowledgeable, encouraging, and completely non-judgemental. And it works, a study found that people given the chatbot were twice as likely to quit as people who used only the free features.

The chatbot can check in with you regularly throughout the first three months of your quit. There’s motivation in the morning if you need it, a fun daily mission and tools to make the day go easier. Reflect on what worked in the evening, because being clear about that can be super helpful tomorrow. The accountability factor is important too, lots of people tell us the thought of telling the bot they’ve made it helps keep them strong.

If all you need is a bit of light touch support our missions are for you. Missions are short, fun, tasks given daily during the first month of your quit, then less frequently thereafter. Missions are designed to boost your motivation and self-confidence, help you deal with cravings and withdrawal, and come to see yourself as a proud non-smoker. They work too, a study found that like the chatbot, the missions doubled quit rates in users.

Other tools to help you quit

Watching your time smoke free increase never gets old. It’s a great way of seeing how far you’ve come, a great reminder of how strong you’ve been and a great way of strengthening your resolve. It’s a stat you can take more pride in each time you see it. Which is why we make a big deal of it for you.

Our bodies start to recover as soon as we quit. Pulse rate returns to normal in 20 minutes, carbon monoxide is eliminated in a day and blood circulation improves greatly in just a few months. We’ll help you understand how these health improvements and more are happening deep within your body, even if you can’t see or feel them yourself.

Most of the benefits of quitting are either difficult to see or soon become the new normal. Problem is, it’s hard to resist cravings unless the benefits feel real. Which is why buying treats for yourself is important. It turns money you used to spend on a poison into a reward you can get joy from. You deserve a treat and it’s good for you too, how good is that!

There are a thousand reasons to stop smoking but it often helps to focus on one. One reason to banish any thoughts of smoking before they take hold. One reason so great as demolish desire. Add that reason to the app so you’ll have it close to hand whenever you want a reminder. If you’re stuck, make a promise to someone you love, someone you’d hate to let down.

When you’re in the middle of a particularly strong craving it’s easy to think that nothing has changed. Your diary will show that’s not true. Log your cravings and their severity and you’ll see how things are getting better. Even better, record what worked and what didn’t, because remembering that could be very helpful in the future.

Cravings are particularly dangerous when they catch us out, so the more we understand what triggers them the better. Use the app to log how you were feeling, what you were doing and who you were with when a craving strikes so you can spot what’s tricky for you and be prepared for next time.

Our Quit for Good programme helps people in low income countries stop smoking. If you buy or donate to the app we’ll give these quitters the Pro features on your behalf. We also provide technical support and help them get the most from the app. Together we can help thousands of people quit smoking for good.

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