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  • Evidence based

    Evidence Based

    Established techniques delivered creatively & improved continually. Our evidence.

  • See progress

    See progress

    Watch your health improve, see how much money you've saved, and more.

  • Proven to help

    Proven to help

    Our missions are scientifically proven to double your chances of quitting.

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  • Cigs out, cash in Five star review

    Steve Stills

    I’ve been 2 months smoke free now, and while you need motivation yourself this app really helps you keep it. Wish it had been available years ago !

  • Bloody marvellous Five star review

    spurs 81-82

    This app is genius. I've found it pretty easy to quit, no nicotine patches just willpower & the right frame of mind. Download it & quit - it's great being a non smoker after 20 years.

  • Love it Five star review


    The most aesthetically pleasing app of its kind I’ve come across, feels rewarding to use as it clearly indicates length of time savings and cigarettes not smoked. It’s actually got me excited about quitting!

  • Awesome App Five star review


    This app is great. There are loads of apps that do the job. But this is by far the best. Get this app. Best of luck with quitting. I’m doing it. So can you!

  • Five star quit smoking app Five star review


    This is a great app to help you quit smoking. It tracks how long you have given up, how much you have saved, and how many cigs you have gone without. A must for anyone quitting for good!!! Very motivating :)

  • Fantastic free app Five star review


    Loads of features, can’t believe it’s free! Makes it easier to stay determined watching the money totalling up.

  • Excellent Five star review


    Seeing the health improvements over time is incredibly motivating.

  • Brilliant Five star review


    A really inspiring app that takes in information about you, and offers good day to day support, including daily information on the impact quiting has on your health. Dash board also keeps me up to date with money saved. So far I’m two days smoke free! Yippee!

  • Great app Five star review

    Danny O'Hare

    This app has motivated me to actually save the money that I didn't spend on cigarettes I have stopped smoking for a little over a month and am using it this week to buy a PS4.

  • Brill app if you really want to give up use this app Five star review

    Brum and kandy

    Brill app feels like you have constant support 6 days still not smoking.

  • Really useful Five star review


    Had the app for 3 months really helped me keep track of why I wanted to quit thanks.

  • Does everything it says on the tin Five star review


    Can't fault it.

  • The best Five star review

    Lee hunter87

    It really does help me as money is a huge factor for me quitting. It shows me how much I've saved which is shockingly brilliant.

  • Wow Five star review


    I'm am truly happy with this app. It helps with motivation and also keeps you focusing on the positive and keeps track of all the important info you could ever wonder about. Would really recommend.

  • Awesome! Five star review


    Best stop smoking app ever. Really helped me 5*

  • Excellent Five star review

    Nonsmoker nickname

    Definitely the best stop smoking app. The diary reminders are a stroke of genius. I've already recommended it to others.

  • Great app Five star review


    One of main motivators of quitting by will power alone for me is the health progress section of this app. Lots of missions & reflection for yourself plus opportunity to contribute to research if you wish. Best app I've used.

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Recommended by Public Health Wales

The dashboard provides by-the-second updates

Of how much money you've saved, how long you've been smoke free and how many cigarettes you've not smoked.

Available now on the App Store
Available now on the Play Store
The dashboard gives you by-the-second updates

See how much money you've saved

And buy yourself a present with the savings. Enter the details of something you'd love and use the countdown clock to check exactly how long it will be before you can afford it.

See how much money you've saved

Watch how quickly your health improves

See how your blood pressure, oxygen and carbon monoxide levels, taste, smell, breathing, energy levels, circulation and risk of lung cancer returns to normal.

Watch how quickly your health improves

Double your chances of quitting

Our missions are proven to help. Use them and you will be twice as likely to stop smoking

Available now on the App Store
Available now on the Play Store
Double your chances of quitting


Why should I follow your advice?

The behaviour change techniques we've put into the app come from UK and US government guidelines about the best way to help people stop smoking. These guidelines have been developed over many years and contain the advice that experts in these countries (and around the world) have found to help the most people. We regularly review the scientific evidence for updated guidance to make sure nothing has changed. These reviews happen four times a year, at the very least.

Why are we charging?

A version of Smoke Free will always be free to use. This version will be at least as good as the other free apps available. And we’ll keep improving it.

We’ll use the free app to learn what techniques help people stop smoking. You don’t have to take part in these experiments and can use the app fully and for free if you opt-out. If you take part, fantastic, that will make our evidence stronger and we'll publish this evidence so others can benefit. This means that just by using the app you’ll be helping more people quit smoking.

When we find what works we’ll put that into a version of the app that people can pay for if they want. The money we raise will go into improving Smoke Free and creating other apps that help people change their behaviour.

You don’t have to pay for Smoke Free. Our free app will contain the same features the other free apps do, plus it will be beautifully designed and a joy to use. But if you need more help you can pay a small sum for something that we can say with confidence is effective. And you’ll be helping us build the best damn behaviour change company in the world.

How do I cancel my subscription?

1. Launch the Settings app 
2. Tap your name
3. Tap "iTunes & App Store"
4. Tap on your Apple ID > View Apple ID
5. "Subscriptions"
6. Tap the Smoke Free subscription
 1. Open the Google Play Store 
2. Tap Menu > Subscriptions
3. Find the Smoke Free subscription
4. Tap Cancel

The process may be a little different on your phone, but it won't be very different.

Can I change details about my smoking?

Just go to:

 Help >> App Settings >>  Change smoking data
 Settings >>  Smoking data

You'll be able to change the cost of your cigarettes, how many you smoke each day; things like that

Can I change my quit date?

Easily, if you go to:

 Help >> App Settings >> Change quit date
 Settings >> Change quit date

This will reset the amount of time you’ve been smoke free, the amount of money you’ve saved, how many cigarettes you haven’t smoked and any badges you may have earned.

How do I turn off or change the time of the reminders?

The reminders can be found in the Help tab of the app. You can stop them happening entirely, or change when they appear.

 Help >> App settings >> Notifications

How do I change the currency settings?

  [phone] Settings >> General >> Language & Region >> Region 
 [app] Settings >> Smoking data >> What's your currency?

What else can I change?

There's a good few options in the Help tab. Have a play around, you probably won't break anything.

Do I have to take part in the experiment to use the app?

No, all the app's features will work regardless whether you participate in the experiment or not. However, it'd be great if you could complete the daily smoking diary, as the information you give about your cravings might help the quitters who follow be more successful. Plus other users have said that they found keeping a diary helped.