Need help using the app or the forum? Found a bug? Want to make a suggestion about how it could be improved?
#499 by dave
Thu Aug 24, 2017 9:03 am
Sorry about this! This is a bug with the cravings feature which we've fixed and have submitted to Apple for review.

We've requested an expedited review so hopefully we'll have the fix available in less than the 48 hours it usually takes to get a version approved.
#501 by Steph
Mon Aug 28, 2017 5:26 pm
Yes please! I think the craving section is so vitally important. I'm not "cold turkey" quitting, but using this app to cut back with the intentions of quitting all together. Love the app, but please fix the "Triggers" and "Cravings piece"! Thanks

#502 by Nicholaswilby
Tue Aug 29, 2017 2:30 am
Hi Steph,

If you update the app it should be fixed already, mine is. ;) :)

I quit "cold turkey", for me, it was a case of asking myself "Do I really want to stop smoking?", the answer was obviously a yes, so that's what I did... :D (I went and watched quite a few youtube videos on smokers, and smoking, etc... That gave me the "Ugh... that's gross... and alarming" wake up call... (Kind of like shock therapy) ;) For me it wasn't enough to just quit though, I still had my cravings. :cry:

The thing that really is getting me (especially in the first couple of days) through my cravings is this app, before I purchased it I'd get my craving and feel almost lost with myself, then go have a smoke. Now every time I get a craving, I whip out my phone, re-affirm MY conscience decision to stop, and read over the things I can do to avoid having the craving, I just pick anything on the suggestions that I'm comfortable with, and do that instead... and for me, it has been that getting me through every one of my cravings, I'm 10 days off from smoking now, and finding it far easier to manage my cravings already.

I now almost challenge myself with not just "grabbing one"... My smokes are an arms reach away from me, they're right there, staring at me in the face (along with my lighter), waiting for me to take one... nah... I'm better than some small "chemically coated, shredded tobacco, wrapped in a piece of paper..." I don't need it...

I know some people are different, but to be honest, the toughest part of quitting for me was the first week I reckon, it seems to be getting easier now to just not feel the need to smoke. The question at the end of the day (Or the beginning ;) ) is... (And this is for yourself, and not anyone else) "Do I want to stop smoking?"... If the answer that pings back is a yes... then just do it... No excuses, the app will help... You just need to use it, and know that you can beat the habit...

I was happy to spend the money and purchase the full version (I did hesitate at first), but I've already saved enough money to be able to purchase it more than twice already... That's just in 6 days...

Sorry for going on a bit, I hope you enjoyed the read though, and I hope that maybe somewhere in there, you can find some inspiration and fire within yourself to give the middle finger to smoking. :D

Good luck with quitting the habit, and have a great day! :)
#503 by Cevans
Tue Aug 29, 2017 11:18 am
The craving section isn't working for me either. When I fill out the time/reasons why I'm having a craving and try to save it- it just loads - continuously! Until I have to close the app. The cravings are quite crucial so not sure what I am supposed to do. I also purchased the additional upgrade for $7.99 so it's pretty disappointing.
#504 by dave
Tue Aug 29, 2017 1:09 pm
Sorry about this, it's a different problem.

Seems that if you allow the app to record your location but aren't online when recording a craving the app will hang. We are working on a fix for this now.

In the meanwhile, please turn the location switch off and let me know if that doesn't fix things.

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About the app

Smoke Free has got lots of great features to help you stop smoking. There's a dashboard that shows the amount of time smoke free, how much money you've saved and how much life you've regained, you can see how your health is improving, enter a diary of your cravings to see how they decrease over time, save up for something to buy with all the money you're saving, earn badges and much more. New features are added all the time.

In addition, by downloading and using the app you'll be helping researchers understand how to help others quit this deadly habit. The more info you give us the more help we can provide.