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#358 by Chris_angle
Thu Aug 18, 2016 2:49 am
I just got the app today. I was inpressed and decided to upgrade to premium. Not only does the app no longer work. But i honestly do not see the value in paying $6.99 for the difference between the free version and the premium. Just for the little "missions"? Pls advise how i can make the app work or refund the money. Thank You
#359 by dave
Thu Aug 18, 2016 6:18 am
Hi Chris,

if you're on Android the upgrade gives you the missions (which have been proven in an experiment to give you a much better chance of quitting), plus the ads are removed. If you're on iOS you get a few more goodies, goodies we are bringing to Android bit-by-bit.

But the upgrade should not have stopped the app working, that's clearly a big problem.

We think the extra help the missions are proven to give is worth the money we charge but if you don't agree I'll be happy to arrange a refund for you. Just email with the email address associated with your Google Play account.

If you're on Apple a refund is possible but we can't arrange it. You'll need to follow the instructions here: ... rom-apple/

Email the support address if you'd like help with fixing the problem that's stopped the app working.

All the best with your quit

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