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#256 by dawn
Wed Jul 08, 2015 2:17 pm
I'm just starting my new battl,, with a spouse that smokes note than 3 packs a day.Istopped 8 mths.last year.smoke always n face.started back.friend gave me a good idea for the ashtrays full of long butts that tempted me so,, buy auto ashtray,, the cup I can hurry n dump without seeing a very big tempter.hope it help I'm in need of more ideas for stopping n a smoky stinky house again.I think the devil has a hand n this because it's way harder each time I 3rd time.the vapor me started back this time.I was told that ain't smokin,, my dumb self beleived it.that led to the real thing.STAY away from them.

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