The aim of our app is to show you that the benefits you gain from giving up smoking get greater all the time. We do this because we believe the clearer you are about the advantages of staying smoking free and the disadvantages of returning to smoking, the more able you’ll be to resist cravings, suffer withdrawal and kick this habit for good.

Which is why we’ve redesigned the dashboard. Our main goal was to make your health improvements and recent badges easier to see. We also wanted to make the time smoke free and money saved figures nicer to look at. And for Pro users, we wanted to put today’s mission on the dashboard in a not too subtle attempt to encourage you do complete it (more missions completed = greater chance of success).

Our approach, as always, is based on psychological theory and behaviour change techniques. The psychological theory is Rothman’s model of behaviour maintenance, which says we start a new behaviour when we’re optimistic about what that behaviour will bring. But we maintain a new behaviour only when we are satisfied with the things that behaviour has brought.

Which in smoking means to help you stay smoke free we need to help you feel satisfied with all the things giving up smoking has brought, such as money, time, health and as many more as we can think of.

The behaviour change techniques (on the dashboard) include boosting your motivation and self-confidence, providing rewards, preventing relapse and identifying reasons to want to stop smoking. There are plenty more behaviour change techniques in the app, and I’ll write more about them in the future.

For now, we really hope you like what we’ve done. We know change isn’t always welcome, especially when you’ve not asked for it. But we want to help you stop smoking and think our dashboard could make that a little more likely.